Question: You have always wanted a photo shoot taken with your horse by a

professional photographer?  But could not afford it...

​Answer: If you live in Broward or Palm Beach, Florida book a photo shoot with

​award winning equine photographer Paul Gold by clicking on the Add to Cart

​button below. For only $149.95 he will come to your equine facility and spend

​up to (2) hours capturing all those memorable moments with your horse that

you have been dreaming about for so long.

​You will also receive at no additional charge a beautiful piece of art created

​from your favorite photograph!  That is right!  FREE! with your paid booking.

The finished product is 10 x 8 x .75 or 8 x 10 x .75. Made of solid wood, and

​ready to display right out of the shipping box.

Upon notification of payment Paul Gold will contact you to

make arrangements for your photo shoot.

​You can send a text to:(305)305-1232.